Bad Phone Call Quality


people I am having Phone calls with tell me that the Call Sound Quality ist Bad. Some tell me that it is difficult to understand because of hall and some that they hear themselves.

Will there be a fix for this?

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I have the same problem here. Additionally, since the update, most banking apps work poorly to not at all. Resetting to factory settings did not solve the problems.
I have therefore now switched to another phone (xiaomi mi 11 lite 5g - 6.8 mm thick, 158g). As nice as the carbon is, the technology is just not enough for me. The time with it was rather a pain. Camera is still poor, push notifications don’t come for many apps, etc. Too bad…

The Phone turned out to be absolute Junk.
Even the Display breaks in the trouser pocket from the inside.
Support is also an Impertinence. I’ve thrown it away now.
Good thing I only paid 200 euros for the Garbage.
I hope my Money gets stuck in the throat of the Manufacturer.
Good bye !

I also have the problem from time to time, but I don’t know if it’s because I’m being called from Germany in Croatia. It often gets better after a call back. However, I found that the micro obviously overdrives. As soon as I speak more quietly, I can often be understood better.

I think it would be an exaggeration to describe the telephone as rubbish, at least for my copy. (One of the first 300 of the Founders Edition) I can live quite well with the camera (with other software). You can’t get more with the thickness without clearly protruding lenses. There are technical limits.

My banking app also stopped working after the last update. I had to reinitialize it. But Whatsapp has also changed its data-location. So this is not a problem of the Carbon, but of Android.

All in all, I’m still pretty satisfied with the 599 EUR smartphone. It’s just not a mass product. And if you buy a Wiesmann GT for EUR 280,000 (VAT not statable), with just 507 hp, you have 13 hp less than I have with my old C63 AMG for EUR 38,000 net at the time.

If I could afford it, I would rather drive the Wiesmann. Because he is simply the nicer and rarer car. But in terms of processing, it does not come close to the W204 C63 AMG.

I’m always amazed at people who don’t understand that hand-made, small-batch products just can’t keep up with industrial mass production…

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Ist this Bullshit-Bingo?