Background images

As I sit here, patiently waiting for my new 'phone…

I thought it would be good to have some background images ready to load onto my device. Using the images from the Carbon Mobile website and merging them with some “generic” images of the PCB and battery for a 'phone, these are what I’ve come up with.

I am in no way an artist, and do not claim to be, but I thought I would share them. If you like them, feel free to say so, if you don’t like them, feel free to make your own and share them too.

As much as I can tell, the sizing of the images, stretched to fill the screen should match up to the dimensions of the device and the position of the screen, cameras and so on. As I’ve done this purely by lining the images up to one another on my computer screen, I could be some way out here. Only once I get my device will I know for certain.


Hi Mark, a great topic to start this one.
I am going to throw this one over to @salehcarbonizer in the Design team as I think he’ll have some ideas :slight_smile: