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Great to have you here.

There will be a special closed area for Founders.
This is launching very soon and will be where we talk to you specifically about Founder actions and feedback as we progress in the Founder Program.

If you haven’t already, you just need to sign up to the community as normal. Look into top right-hand corner and enter your details to get started.

IMPORTANT: Please use the email that you purchased with as this will help us identify you.

Our Community monitor will recognize you’ve signed up and when we’re ready, you’ll get your exclusive access to the Founders forum in the community.

For those of you that were involved before, there is a wealth of great conversation and insight from the old Carbonizer platform. We are exploring how we can migrate this information and archive it in the new platform, we really hope to include and trying to make it possible!
For the newbies in the Founders group, will be a great glimpse at the conversation that get going.


Great job if you really migrate old stuff! :sunglasses:

Good point… We still have all in our backup.
But, it’s really a lot of manual work to migrate!
And we have 2 completely different systems, and it was hard to migrate the data.
However, I am glad you mentioned that… we will keep it in mind and add those historical posts manually later. :wink:

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Maybe I’m just a little sentimental. But I enjoyed our old discussions back then! So it’s just nice to know that they are not lost. But I agree, it’s not a top priority project :wink:
It’s great that you care!

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Well, it’s happening!..
The migration should be ready in July :slight_smile:


@firascarbonizer @jamie

Hi Carbon team,

Firstly, I want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate you guys for this extra ordinary feat! Hats off to the efforts and commitment to achieve your goal!

I just received my Carbon Mk 2 after having followed this journey for almost 4 years! I was rather excited when the bell finally rang and I saw the FedEx guy on the door…

Initial look and feel was pretty amazing! The light weight is simply incredible. I would have liked if the phone name, Founder Edition, and born in Germany engraving was in golden instead of black on black… It would have really stood out and looked great!

I have now been using the phone for less than 24 hours but, have already encountered a few major concerns.

  1. Phone speaker only plays sound for a second before going silent when I play any sort of audio, YouTube, Chrome, or any other app. I can’t seem to find anything in the settings to resolve the issue.
  2. Fingerprint sensor is super slow and almost 80% of the time doesn’t recognize my print
  3. I have an update on the phone but, for some reason it just isn’t installing. Each time I try an error occurs and when the phone restarts the update failed notification pops up. The reason for the error stated is Verification problem.

On a separate note, we were informed in an email from Jamie on August 19th stating that as a token of appreciation we will be receiving a pair of Jabra headphones free, I didn’t receive that in the package that arrived today. I just received the super slim Carbon box with the phone, cable, and USB C to USB converter. Was a bit disappointed that a charging adapter was not included but, I can live with it.

Will appreciate receiving your feedback on the above issues so, I can be able to start using the phone on daily basis with ease.

I would like to add, that the small issues aside, I am in love with the unique look of this phone. It is incredibly sexy! I am a believer of new ideas and always have been an early adopter of technology so, the issues that come with it are not a turn-off for me. I am still a believer in this phone and I am certain the feedback from the users will help you fix everything and make this the new big hit!

Thanking you!