Are all Carbon 1 Mark II equal? Mine is not 6.3mm

I know this is in the pitty-nitty department, but they advertise it as 6.3mm, 125g, I measure 129.5g, 6.75-6.80mm, and a tiny bulge in the plastic over the USB 6.90mm, (and at the camera protrusion 7.60mm)

Are there several batches/subversions, or is the retail version just in general slightly thicker than the preproduction units used for advertising?

Obviously neither ½mm nor 5g are deal breakers, but would be nice to know if they structurally strengthened it, or what the reason for the differences are.

I think more thickness is caused by many working steps by hand and the display is often not perfectly assembled/glued, so at least it stands out, in some cases it detaches from the phone.

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