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An ugly black search band across the bottom of my home screen. It’s part of the app drawer which was originally a swipe up. Attached screenshot. Can anyone advise?

Oh, nice to see some else is using Proton Mail :smiley:
I use a launcher app (MS Launcher). With this you can customize the screen and get ride of the search bar. If you dislike the MS version, there are other launcher apps out there which can du the same.

Thanks. Odd to have that ugly thing plastered over my home page. I’m sure it wasn’t there to start with. I’d just managed to get rid of the Google search bar when this popped up in its place I don’t know which is worse. New to Android here. I find Goggle crawls all over it without a big effort to purge them. I wouldn’t use their address book in a month of Sundays. Proton Mail does the job; same for calendar. Will give your suggestion a go but will try to avoid Microsoft.

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I am using lawnchair a customizable launcher User friendly no ads Got rid of the large white google search bar
Phil in Canada

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