Android 11 Is On Its Way

The Carbon 1 MK II currently runs on the latest version of Andriod 10.

As you probably know, Android 11 is on its way soon. We are excited to upgrade the Carbon 1 software to include but as you may have seen there have been setbacks in the rollout.

We expect to have Android 11 fully operational by Q4 this year.
We aren’t jumping the gun right now to get this at launch. As you can see in this article, there are definitely still teething problems. If you are switching from a OnePlus to join us, especially worth a read…

TECHRADAR 12.06.2020
Android 11 beta now includes OnePlus 8 phones, but you probably shouldn’t try it


Hi Jamie,

could you say something about planned software update strategy? My experiences with Samsung, Sony and LG are not good. It need long times for adaptions after google has published stock android.

Regards, Hans-Peter


hello @HaPe
We do have stock Android, with very minimal customizations.
You will have updates for security patches and features as soon as we have them from Android Open Source Code.
Have a look at my reply here for more information.


You should let the people pay for the Android upgrades. Tell them what their advantage with the new Android-Version is. It they want to have it, they should pay for it, because your work is not for free.

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Hello @firascarbonizer
that sounds good. Up-to-dateness and speed of software updates are important factors in security. I think this differentiates good smartphones from the average. Another plus point for Carbon Mobile :ok_hand:


I am using a Essential PH1. Unfortunaly the Company is down… The first 2 years was a great timeline about the stock android updates. Same day like googles pixel phones. I hope carbon mobile will try also push the updates as fast as possible. And for long time…! This is very important vor security. You can see how samsung, LG …and all the chines work with this …badly. Update very late and for a short time…except their high end device. The rest is lost in a unsecure phone world. Thx for the Stock Android…happy!!!

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I managed to eventually get hold of a PH-1 a year or two after launch. I absolutely loved everything about that 'phone. I loved the stock Android, the regular updates, the beautiful design, the high quality materials used, the responsive (sensibly positioned) fingerprint reader, everything was wonderful.

But. There’s always a ‘but’.

It failed to perform in the most basic of functions, making calls and sending messages. The 'phone was never able to pick up a signal. Anywhere more than ten metres away from the base station was a no-go area. (Maybe 100 metres, but not much more than that.) I would be standing outside, walking down the drive simply trying to send a message. One day a message took over five hours to be delivered to me as I was in a corner at work with a low signal strength. That was the day I decided to sell it. Such a pity and I’m really surprised that it was not possible to have redesigned the antennae following the first “batch” to have fixed this.

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I don’t know issues like this with my PH-1. It work’s in all conditions. Anyway, we have no update-support anymore. So i am looking forward to hold this absolutley cool Carbin Mobile Phone with great design an haptic in my hand…I hope the launch will start this year…This is a diffrent kind of Smartphone and i can’t wait to show this Phone our imployee in our company…between all this Samsungs, iPhones and Huaweii’s…
This Phone will be an eyecatcher…!

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