Registration question

Hello all, I’m Jennifer from the US. I hope this is a suitable format for my post. I couldn’t agree with myself upon which category was most appropriate.

I have the carbon software/app downloaded to my iPhone. My last phone I gad registration problems, so I held off on troubleshooting due to my needing a new phone. I have that phone now and find myself again, unable to register for an account to complete the software installation. Any assistance or advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


I think you might only be able to register a device made by Carbon Mobile? If you’ve managed to install it on an iPhone it’s unlikely to work as intended.

Hi Jenn

As @MkStevo has said, you cannot use the Carbon app with the iPhone, it is purely a feature for Carbon Mobile devices.

If you have a Carbon 1 MK II and need support, please contact for advice.
Many thanks

Hello there. Thanks to the both of you for responding so quickly. That is a bummer to hear. I found it in the apple store and had high hopes. Oh well better luck for me next time. Thanks guys for your input.


You may be using a similarly named app? I would be surprised if the Carbon Mobile app could be found in the Apple App store. It is intended for an android 'phone, made and sold by Carbon Mobile. Perhaps there is a similar sounding app for Apple, nothing to do with Carbon Mobile?

Indeed, it’s not on the Apple store. Must be thinking of something else :slight_smile: